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Tango Magic: May 2-14, 2014


dip yourself into TANGO MAGIC with Rosalia Gasso & Alejandro Barrientos

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Our desire is to convey our tango as urban expression. Expression of people, art and culture. We firmly believe that dance is a process, it takes time to incorporate it and as an art is constantly evolving. Learn to dance tango is like learning a new language.  It is a way to communicate through the body.

Our goal is to accelerate that process by studying part components. We would like to explore the basic tools to then build your tango on a solid foundation that allows enjoying and creating our own tango. Through a series of workshops specially designed, we want you to enjoy dancing as much as we do. ” If we can do it, you can do it”.  Eagerly waiting to see you. 

Rosalia and Alejandro.

Charlottesville Tango has a pleasure to present Tango Magic with Rosalia Gasso and Alejandro Barrientos, who will come to Charlottesville in May this year. Apart from regular classes there will be a special followers technique class with Rosalia who will teach us how to be a real tanguera and transfer our feminine side into our dancing.

There will be a Welcome milonga on Friday: May 2nd, special Midnight Cat Milonga” Saturday night milonga with Rosalia & Alejandro’s performance on May 3rd and Friday night milonga on May 9th with the best selection of Traditional Music TBA DJ.

 We also have another special surprise for you @ HOUSE CONCERT on Sunday May 11th:  6:00 – 7:00 pm Pot Luck, 7:00 – 8:30 pm “Tango History” – by invitation ONLY

for invitation and information e-mail: houseconcerts434@gmail.com. Donation $15 at the door.

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